The choice of gucci aviator sunglasses is primarily a matter of health, not just fashion and aesthetics. Sunglasses protect your eyes and the skin around the eyes from UV rays. Glasses also help not to squint in the sun and thus avoid wrinkles.

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What are the basic rules when choosing gucci aviator sunglasses?

When choosing gucci aviator sunglasses do not skimp. If you choose cheaper glasses, they are unlikely to be able to protect your eyes from unwanted exposure to the best sun. Poor quality gucci aviator sunglasses may cause visual impairment. Also cheap dark gucci aviator sunglasses do not protect your eyes, but only vice versa, their pupils dilate and even more ultraviolet falls into the eye. When choosing gucci aviator sunglasses should pay special attention to the rim, lenses, shape.

What should be the lenses in gucci aviator sunglasses?

Now there is a huge selection of gucci aviator sunglasses. They are completely different shapes and colors. When choosing gucci aviator sunglasses, you should decide what will triple you more: a lens made of plastic or glass? If you lead an active lifestyle, it would be better to buy gucci aviator sunglasses with a lens made of plastic. Such lenses perfectly protect from the sun is rays and are safe in contrast to the glass, which can crack and damage the eye. You should also pay attention to the color of the lenses. The best option would be gray or brown. Drivers prefer to choose the yellow color of the lenses, as it relieves fatigue. The color of the lenses can be absolutely any to your taste. But the blue and purple lenses should be avoided, as it tires your eyes. And with long wear headaches can occur.

How to choose the right frame of gucci aviator sunglasses?

Initially it is important to look from what material the gucci aviator sunglasses are made. The weight, durability, convenience will depend on it. Also, some materials may cause allergies in contact with skin. The color of the frame can be chosen completely, based on your taste. If you like bright images, bright clothes, then undoubtedly bright gucci aviator sunglasses, non-standard forms will suit you. If your style is a classic, then choose a darker tone. When choosing gucci aviator sunglasses, you should also pay attention to the fasteners between the parts.